Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ziggy lace scarf


Something which I worked on a few months back, was a scarf for a swap within my local crochet group (Crochet Lovers Victoria)

I wanted to try something a little bit lacy, but not complicated. I also wanted to use one yarn throughout, rather than have multiple colour changes like I usually do!


The scarf worked up quite quickly. It's based on a fairly simple 2 row pattern repeat, which is easy to commit to memory.


This photograph, with the scarf held up to the light, probably gives the best view of what the pattern comes out like. The pattern is Ziggy Lace Scarf by Paula Fisher and it is available for free here.



Shannon said...

Oh that is so pretty I bookmarked the pattern. What yarn is that? I kind of really need it right now.

Jill said...

Beautiful pattern...thanks for the link... it looks gorgeous in the purple yarn too!

Crochet Lace said...

Black and purple, both look stunning!I've never seen this pattern before.I love the lace scarves.

Kyliie said...

Mrs Sharon each pattern you show I fall in love with and add to my queue....I have a lot of patterns to make :)

generic cialis said...

what a fabulous scarf!!! I like design, but specially colors you used... you know, purple is my favorite color and actually I was thinking to buy a scarf in these days, so... I think this could be a good choice.

Anonymous said...

This scarf pattern is also amazing to use as a blanket pattern!