Friday, January 27, 2012

I Love Books


I Love Books!

Real Books...

Reach out and touch the pages, Books...

I love the way they smell,

And the way they feel.


This week I'm reading the Ultimate Crochet Bible.

I wish I'd discovered this one YEARS ago... but it wasn't even published until 2010!

I don't know that I discovered anything NEW while reading it - but it took me five years of trial and error to discover all the neat information which is tucked very comprehensively into these pages.

This one's a loaner from the Hume Library, so if you're a local - you should definitely check it out!


And even though I was claiming not to have learned anything new while reading it... I did come across this:


"Designs can be completely random, like abstract art, or create more pictorial images"

Not Rocket Science, but it's EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now...

You see, I've been working on a Freeform Piece for an exhibition, with the International Freeform Fiber Arts Guild... and it's been frustrating the Bejiminees out of me.

I always think of freeform as being really abstract... and looking at my piece, it looks exactly like what it is... there's no imagination or insight required by the viewer at all...

In fact, it almost feels like a Pre-Schooler could have sketched the layout for me.

Anyway, it was just feeling really not 'Freeformy' enough for my liking - but reading those words this week, made me a million times more confident in my work.

Work which I REALLY wish I could share with you, but I have to keep it 'under wraps' for the moment.

This will be my first year entering, but you can take a peek at exhibits from previous years here


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Anonymous said...

I actually didn't like this book! I thought it was expensive and lacked a lot of useful information. I also found the diagrams not very well drawn. I tend to prefer diagrams to photos as they can really show just where to put the hook but these were confusing. I didn't like the projects in it either. So I took it back!