Wednesday, February 1, 2012




I missed posting the last few days.

Mostly it's just been a bit of a mad-house here, with the School Holidays winding down... and that insane rush to get all things organised - the usual uniforms, new shoes, hair cuts, new books bought and covered, everything labelled... basically The Works.

And the kids are starting to get a bit stir crazy.

They've embraced a game called Pegging.

The idea is that you clip a clothes peg onto another family member. Well, not exactly onto The Person, but onto their clothes. But you have to do it without them noticing what you are up to. If you are caught in the act, the person will call out "FAIL" or possibly even "EPIC FAIL!"

Such a simple game, but it's been keeping them amused for days now...

Of course, I'm having a hard time finding pegs to hang out the washing - but who wants to do that anyway???

And at only seven months of age, Little Charlotte is an Easy Target.

As for me, I promise to be back in the morning with the February Crochet Challenge.

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