Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Crochet Challenge

Are you ready for the February Challenge?

Here's a refresher of what it's all about

  • Each month I will offer a new pattern for FREE to those who wish to participate
  • One month will be a KNITTING challenge, and the next month will be a CROCHET challenge
  • Take a photo of your completed project and enter it in the competition
  • I will choose my favourite project… the one which makes me go WOW the most! my decision might be based on yarn choices, embellishments, interpretation of the pattern… you get the idea
  • PRIZE? the winner gets to tell me what to design for our next challenge... maybe you want me to write a pattern for something you've seen me design in the past, or perhaps to bring something to life from your imagination... it will be the WINNER'S CHOICE... you could choose to have me design a plarn toy elephant, some crazy elton john style glasses, or an easter surprise for your great aunt elsie…
    it might be something sane or crazy… either way, it will be designed and embellished in that true laughing purple goldfish style which you know and love! BUT bear in mind… whatever you choose… will be MADE by you guys the following month… so choose something YOU want to make…


So, here's the plan for February...

  • Crochet this toy from my pattern. 
  • Enter your project photo in this competition over at Ravelry. If you are not a Ravelry member, you can enter by emailing me your entry
  • Entries will close 29/2/12 at midnight, my time (EDST Australia)
  • Winner announced 2/3/12... photo of winning project will be posted here on my blog... and I'll also tell you why I chose it
  • The winner will then choose what they would like me to design for the next Crochet-Along (CAL) which will be run in April 2012

SO... are you in?

Want to join in the fun?

Email me for the pattern to get started

And don't feel left out if you are not a crocheter... the KOKESHI KNIT challenge is still running (there have been some magnificent entries so far) and there will be a new KNIT challenge in March.


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