Monday, February 27, 2012

Mummy Time

good fairy - hanging

It was a busy weekend, as always... but somewhere in the middle of it all, we manage to spend some quiet time together - just Little Miss Seven and I.

Katie has been totally absorbed in this Handbook for about two weeks now... and of course, wants to make EVERY single project inside it!

Make a Good Fairy

So we started with the Good Fairy.

Just noticed that we forgot to add her wings... Never mind!

good fairy - complete

Some recycled cardboard, colouring pens, a few fabric scraps, a little yarn, a glue stick and some glittery pom pom delights - kept her entertained for a good hour.

I drew the fairy, and Katie was in charge of the decorating and embellishing.

recycled cardboard

I'm REALLY loving this hair!

We used some variegated bamboo, and it's so very... well... HAIR like...

Katie even discovered that if she untwisted the ply a little before gluing the yarn down, that it looked like REAL strands of hair.

 good fairy - finishing touches

And here's my girl - admiring her handiwork...

(can't imagine who she takes after)

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