Monday, February 13, 2012

Freeform Exhibition



I know I promised to get back to you about this piece on Friday, but sometimes life just gets in the way - know what I mean?

Prudence Mapstone is planning to host an Exhibition of Art Coathangers called Hang Ups.

And this is my contribution for the Exhibition...

(although Katherine, I love your suggestion that it was "a statement on protecting marine environments by not littering"... alas, nothing so serious)

Remember when you were young, and just a little bit terrified of the dark? I hated sleeping with my cupboard door open - because I just KNEW that there was a monster in there. Of course, I didn't ever see him... but I heard those tell-tale bumps in the night.

Now that I'm older (and oh so much more mature) I know that there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not saying that The Closet Monster doesn't exist - in fact, I believe that he is VERY REAL! But he's harmless...

Really, he's just a giant Dust Bunny hanging in the back corner of your wardrobe, back with the garments which you rarely wear - like those wetsuits.


And such a hoarder, too! He’s holding on tight to your missing keys, lost receipts, random buttons, and orphaned earrings… there’s even the odd tissue, lolly wrapper, and manky bandaid in there. Not to mention that broken leg from your sunnies, an audio cassette, some odd screws and that missing button from your telly remote.




Mel said...

Eep! I love Prudence Mapstone! Great work, and it's awesome that you get to work with her!

Katherine said...

This is much funnier than my (tongue in cheek) suggestion! It's so cute!

Neen said...

Wow. He is great. I'd love to go poking about to see what he has stashed away :) I love seeing where your imagination takes you ... Truley inspirational. It is great to be able to go along for a ride via your blog. Thanks.

Jonnine :)