Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back to Crochet Meets


So, I usually have a Crochet Meet at my place once a fortnight... but over the Summer Holidays I took a little bit of time out. Yesterday was the First Meet back again - and I have missed them SO very much.

It is so Nourishing to the Spirit to sit and share your craft with other like-minded souls...

Little Charlotte helped herself to some of the Yummy Yarn on offer... Just like a Little Girl to prefer the 'labels' over my no-name recycled yarn!


And the craft ladies were able to help me nut out the tension problems I spoke to you about the other day. I'm embarrassed to admit that the main issue was that I had changed hook sizes part way through! How embarrassment is that???

So part of me feels relieved that I CAN still make Granny Squares... and another part of me feels like a Right Goose.


On an unrelated note...

Do you think that the grout between my floor tiles is meant to be white?


Colette said...

Mine is meant to be a wonderful shade of ivory........... but to get that shade again I have to bleach and scrub it!! next time I'll go for a darker shade of grout to start with!!

Colette said...

Meant to say Charlotte is rather stunning.

Twigwoman said...

My tiles are light and my grout is a medium dark sand color - done intentionally so as not to worry about never being able to have that perfectly clean look over time - my guess is you did the same!
Regarding the mishap with the changed hook - a handy tip I picked up somewhere..... when starting a project leave a long enough tail and tie knots in it equaling the
mm number of the hook you are using.... this said one must try to use a hook of the same manufacturer each time as they may vary slightly but have the same disastrous affect as you originally encountered.. A great tip for busy crafters and Mom's..

Twigwoman said...

Regarding your guess what its meant to be project my first impression was a jellyfish... my sister in law had specially made when she lived in Hawaii to hang as mobile... so I wonder if its meant to be a mobile of some sort?

kj sunflower said...

My gosh, I have to say, you have the prettiest kids! They are all so cute, I just had to comment on that!

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

I have shots like that of my family thinks I'm nuts, but I want her to remember playing with yarn all her life!
BTW, I am sure that you intended your grout to be dark, in order to set off the light tiles, and it looks lovely!

Unknown said...

I didn't notice the grout because I was focused on your gorgeous baby!