Monday, March 26, 2012

My Wonderful Pattern Testers:

I am SO DELIGHTED with all these versions of Callipo, that I wanted to share them with you!

My wonderful Pattern Testers did an excellent job of recreating the little monkeys...

Julie made the adorable Doora - who is actually weighted inside, 
so she can serve as a door stop.

Hazel switched the red for blue, but kept those striking black and white stripes...
I really, really love the stripes, 
so it was fabulous to see how they look teamed with another colour.

KnittingBelle went with more traditional toy monkey colours - 
and I love the idea of the variegated yarn for the tummy - too cute!


Jorel came up with this inspired colour combination...
and also chose to make the arms shorter than the legs, and the hands shorter than the feet. 


 Aeonie's monkey isn't naughty at all - in fact she's rather sweet and well behaved...
just look at that embroidered flower - GORGEOUS!!!

On the other hand... Juanita's monkey was SO NAUGHTY 
that he refused to sit still for ANY embroidery!
(but he's still adorable)

And just look at the ATTITUDE from Daphne's creation, with those folded arms...
I can just imagine her tapping her foot... and saying 
"About time you got to MY photo"

Now didn't they do an amazing job?

My patterns are always thoroughly tested before I offer them for sale.
I want everything to be PERFECT for you when you purchase the pattern,
so that you can ENJOY the process of creating, 
and NOT tear your hair out trying to interpret the instructions!

Thanks again to these guys for the AWESOME job they did xx

Just a reminder that the pattern is now available as a PDF for AU$4.50.

Easy to make, and fun for the kiddies - I think I'll make some for our Gift Box.

Right now I'm picturing a Monkey made using my CRAZY YARN for the arms and legs!
 I think he would look spectacular, and I'll end up with multi-coloured limbs
 without needing to work any colour changes.
I wonder if I should start ANOTHER new project???
Why not! Life's too short not to...

Callipo the Very Naughty Monkey

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