Friday, March 30, 2012



So that Charity Blanket is finally finished...

Ends are sewn in, and the edging is done.

You know the way some projects just go ON and ON and ON and ON and you seriously start wondering if it is EVER coming to an end???

I enjoyed the pattern itself - a nice simple Granny Stripe - which made it an easy one to work on while watching TV, or supervising the kids at the park or the pool... or gossiping at a Crochet Meet.

I think that I was just SO incredibly bored with the colours, that I lost interest in it.


So here are the details:

  • Granny Stripe Blanket, by Lucy of Attic24
  • click here for FREE online pattern

  • mostly 8plys, with a few 10 plys, and some doubled 4 plys...
  • a variety of reclaimed yarns in navy, greys and cream

  • 4.0mm aluminium hook


  1. First of all I skipped Row 1. Simply worked the pattern straight into the row of chains. Tried it the way the pattern was written, but prefer it my way.
  2. Then instead of working 2 rows per colour, I changed at the end of every row. Just Because.
  3. To finish off neatly, I worked 2 rounds in pattern, then turned my work and did a round of hdc in each st. The hdc gives it a nice firm edge.


Twigwoman said...

Sheer perfection!!!!

laughing purple goldfish said...

Thank you! It really is an elegant and simple pattern.

mountainwildlife said...

I love your version - and the colours! I think it looks understated and calm :-) I am doing a blanket at the moment I am not happy with... tempted to pull it and start again, esp since seeing yours now!

laughing purple goldfish said...

mountainwildlife - pull it out! I know that you've probably already put an awful lot of work into it - but blankets are such huge pieces, and use so much yarn - you might as well be happy with the finished project... if you're not feeling the love for it now, I say START AGAIN :)

mountainwildlife said...

Thanks for the reply- just I was gathering courage my daughter (6) announced she LOVES it...its her kind of colours so I'll keep going and I guess its hers! It will only be a throw size, so not so much effort :-)
Can I ask you a question about your granny stripes - do you do a chain stitch between the clusters? like when doing granny squares? I looked at the original pattern and there isn't any chain between, but I'm thinking mine would be pretty bulky if I didn't....yours looks well spaced without being too floppy - do you chain or not? Thanks :-)

laughing purple goldfish said...

mountainwildlife - there is NO CHAIN between my clusters... which is harder to do than you would think, because you keep sliding into automatic mode, and your fingers want to add the chains like they would in a regular granny!
I also thought that it would be too bulky without the chains, but it actually sits quite nicely - mind you, I have pretty loose tension, which might make a difference...