Thursday, July 12, 2012

Night Owl

Night Owl

I've been wanting to share my Night Owl with you for such along time now...

and FINALLY I can!

Night Owl

I'm so in love with him...

He was originally made for Little Charlotte's room - she has a few OWL things going on in there - but then I decided that I wanted him in the lounge room where I can admire him all the time.

Night Owl

One of the most adorable parts is his beaded CD tummy.

The photos don't really show how wonderfully reflective it is. But it's shiny and beady...and the reflection makes it look like there are twice as many beads there! Love.

Night Owl

I made him for the 2012 International Freeform Crochet Guild Challenge.

The theme this year was:
"INSPIRED! Music and Art in Fibre"

The plan was to take a piece of music or art, and interpret it using Freeform Crochet.

So I chose to focus on the work of a contemporary artist by the name of Karla Gerard.

(you can check out some of her art here on Flickr)

I loved her simplicity and boldness.


Anyway, the Challenge pieces have been formatted into an online exhibition here.

Check out the awesome work of these Freeform Artists from across the globe. You just need to click on the individual tiles there to see each piece of work in all its glory

(and lots of the artists are from Melbourne, Australia - YAY!)


And if you're a little bit inspired by any of this - join the International Guild - so you can be a part of next year's Challenge... You know you want to!


Pet (petpisces) said...

Oh my goodness! This is so awesome!!! Great work!

Pet (petpisces) said...

Happy day! I’ve nominated you for an award at

Thank you for being inspirational!


Alyssa said...

He is so groovy looking! I love it :)

Judith W 100 said...

I'd like some tutorial on how to do that beaded CD, only. That is very cool.

laughing purple goldfish said...

Petpisces - thanks so much for the nomination!

Judith - here is the tutorial I used for CD weaving... I just substituted the base strands of yarn with wire - then wove beaded wire through it... I am planning to make another one (sometime in the next month) and will take some progress photos to share

egebs said...

Love it. What a fun piece. Your work always inspires me.

Ali said...

No wonder you wanted it in the lounge he's lovely. If I was Charlotte I'd sneek he into my room. Thanks for sharing. Ali x