Monday, July 16, 2012

You voted me INSANE! and I love it

Scrappy Blanket

So last week I asked you to vote in a poll... about whether it was INSPIRED or INSANE to save teabag strings for the purpose of knotting them together into yarn...

The results were closer than I expected, but not surprisingly the insane vote won out:

The most received comments about this latest recycling phase of mine, went along the lines of:

"Don't you have enough to do with your time already?"


"Won't there be a lot of knots?"

Scrappy Blanket

And the answer is a resounding YES to both questions!

Yes, I do have a lot to do with my time already,
but this is Fun, Challenging and Free...

Yes, there will be a huge number of knots,
but I think that is part of the charm...

Scrappy Blanket

Like my Scrappy Blanket.

Remember I keep telling you to save your ends? Even the short ones?

Well I've been saving mine for a while now - and many of my Craft Buddies have been saving their ends for me to. Gotta love the enablers of the madness!


The ends have been knotted together...
 and rolled into balls of yarn.

Then knit into squares
(mostly while I was pregnant with Charlotte, and a bit brain dead in the creativity department)

Then those squares sat around in a bag for a year and a bit...
Scrappy Blanket

And now they're becoming a blanket...

Aiming to finish it up today, so I can share a finished photo with you tomorrow.

(and best thing of all - NO ends to weave in!!!)

Scrappy Blanket


Rum said...

Wow! Had I discovered your blog sooner I probably would have voted 'insane' too, LOL!Looking forward to seeing the results!

Judith W 100 said...

"Saving the world, one tea bag string at a time" ;-)
I would be interested in knowing techniques that you use to keep order in your stuff. (no perfection anticipated) I use ziplock bags for projects wondered what tools and methods other crafters employ.

laughing purple goldfish said...

Hey Rum... Welcome to the blog!

Judith... Storage is always an ongoing saga around here :) Might need to dedicate a post or two to that next week - thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

I am dying to know what kind of knot you used when tying all those ends together, I love, love, love this idea, but have trouble with the knots coming loose.


laughing purple goldfish said...

Hey Carla...

I use a simple overhand knot to join my ends together, because it is secure and fast to make.

Keep an eye on my blog - I've had loads of queries about my knots, so I'm planning an easy tutorial for you... soon!