Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Ugly Stepsister

Magazine Slippers

Remember I was talking last week about making the slippers with the Granny Square top on them?

Well, I've made a pretty good start on them...

Magazine Slippers

I've chosen the yarn. If the colours are looking a bit familiar to you, it's because you read my post yesterday about the Flaming Lamborghini bag. The mustard and the orange are both 100% Wool, leftover from the bag. The reds are a bit thin, so I'm going to work the two of them together as one strand - one is a Cotton and the other is a Crepe, so I'm hoping that together they will add some durability to the base. All of the yarns are from my Recycled Stash.

Magazine Slippers

The base of the slippers is a simple rectangle. What I love about it though, is that it is worked in Half Double Crochet stitch through the Back Loops Only.

Magazine Slippers

It creates the most wonderful thick squishy fabric... kind of hard to represent through photos, but this next one gives you an idea:

(and this pattern uses a DOUBLE sole... so there are two of these pieces underfoot when you are wearing the slippers - squishy, squishy, SQUISHY!)

Magazine Slippers

Sounds heavenly, right?

But here's my first problem.

Look at the size of this thing... 13 cm.

Magazine Slippers

I've just measured the shoes I'm wearing right now - and they are 27.5cm long. Good Old Dunlop Volleys. But that's besides the point...

The base of these slippers is less than half the length of my shoes - this is NOT GOOD.

But do I stop there and check my gauge/tension?


Why not?

Because I am the Eternal Optimist when it comes to these things, and I just KNOW it will work out in the end.

Plus I'm lazy and I hate to SWATCH. Ugh.

So I keep going.

Magazine Slippers

As you can see, the slipper has gained a little length as I continued with the pattern.

A whole 4cm.

Magazine Slippers

Really not enough. But I've read the project notes on Ravelry from other people who have used the pattern, and many of them say that the slippers seemed small at first, but stretched beautifully to fit their foot...

Magazine Slippers

So I'm hopeful.

But I don't want to try them on just yet...

Magazine Slippers

I'll weave the ends in first, and then see how we go.

Though I'm expecting to feel a little like an Ugly Stepsister trying on the Glass Slipper...

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Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

I sure hope they stretch for would be a shame if they were so pretty, but not-fitty! Beautiful, either way, and one does prefer one's slippers to hang onto the foot when one walks...