Friday, September 7, 2012

A present for me.


Look what I bought myself!

A bit extravagant, I know... but it's been on my wish list for such a long time now.

So when my money came through from the Alice Springs Beanie Festival...
(yes those beanies sold - yay)

I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to buy. 

I haven't had the chance to play with it yet. The threads and fabric you see there came with the machine. But I'm desperate to get going with it. There's just one small problem.

I don't usually order much online. But with this overlocker, I knew exactly what I wanted - so I took the plunge and ordered from the US.

I thought I was mighty clever.

Ordering it all by myself.

Didn't even mention it to Mr Goldfish until it arrived.


When he saw the package had come from overseas, he grunted... and asked... "What about the plug?"


Bugger.  Bugger.  Bugger.  Bugger.  Bugger.  

Didn't even think of that!

See... Our electrical sockets here in Australia look like this:

(Not everyone's are quite this filthy of course!)


And the plug on that overlocker is NEVER going to fit in that socket!

So I'm off to buy an adaptor.

And read the Instruction Manual!

And what will I be making with my new toy???

Well, I've been totally inspired by the designs of Katwise over on Etsy... If you haven't already seen her work, you need to go and have a browse right now... Amazing rejuvenations of old knitwear.

Or watch this fabulous video clip instead!


Twigwoman said...

I too have been a long time fan of the amazing creations Katwise comes up with!!!!
Wondering if you know the difference between a serger and an overlock machine and if you might explain it to me.... as I too have been considering such a purchase for a long time!!!
So looking forward to what you come up with Sharon!!!

laughing purple goldfish said...

Hey Twiggy... Isn't Kat just so clever? And so indulgent with her use of colour? Love her stuff, and I'm not aiming to copy her - but am wildly inspired by her...

Overlocker is an AU term, Serger is a US term... but they're both the same thing.

AimeeWrites said...

I think Serger might also be a brand name?? Maybe not...

Plug yes...what about a transformer?? My mom ruined her fabulous sewing machine when we moved to England by plugging it in with a converter, but forgetting to put it in the transformer. Are the US and Aus on the same electrical current? PLEASE check before plugging it in! I'd hate for you to blow your beautiful new machine!!

Unknown said...

You definitely need a robust transformer if it was manufactured for the USA market as their electricity is different to ours.