Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Woah! I disappeared...

Not quite sure what happened there, but I disappeared for a while, didn't I???

Things have been very quiet around here - and not much crafting has been going on.

Mostly I've just been working on those shortie shorts for my Dear Niece Jade...

It's kind of tricky to get a clear photo of them, because all the shaping means that they don't sit flat (but should fit the body beautifully). Hopefully this shot gives you an idea of where I'm up to.

Shorts in Progress

So the shorts are worked in the round from the waist down.
You then add a gusset, which divides the legs.
Each leg is finished with a decorative trim,
which is WELCOME relief after all that single crochet!!!

Shorts in Progress

One of the legs is finished, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through the second leg.
There's only six more rounds of single crochet to go... 
and then it's onto the decorative edging.

Shorts in Progress

Then I just need to weave in my ends... 
and make the drawstring for the waist... 
and we're finally done!

~ Pattern details here ~