Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Winner Announced.

Kiki Kangaroo

Look at all the Spectacular Kangaroos made from my pattern last month...

These were the entries for the August Challenge,

and the Winner will be telling me what to design for next month's Crochet Challenge!

So who was the winner?

Well - I couldn't resist the fluttery eyelashes on this beautiful entry:

Winning Kangaroo

So congratulations to "shhshh" over at Ravelry. Her kangaroo was a standout!

Winning Kangaroo

So tell me.

Was your favourite the same as mine?

Or did you fall in love with one of the other entries?

Kiki the Kangaroo

Of course this also means that the pattern is now available for sale - in PDF format for AU$4.50


Cliodana said...

they are beautiful, love the little granny on the belly

Gillp said...

They r all fantastic, but i agree with u, the eyelashes did it for me :)