Monday, June 17, 2013

Kiddie Mitts

Challenge Mitts

Little Miss Katie was nagging me for a lacy pair of mitts...

So I worked up the Challenge Mitts in a kids size - and they turned out perfectly!

The adult size pattern is available as a free download from here.

And here are the alterations I made:
  1. This yarn is a very fine 8ply - or maybe even a 5 ply!
  2. Made a starting chain of 30, and worked 6 shells in each round
  3. 6 rounds of shells before the thumb opening round
  4. 3 rounds of shells after the thumb opening
LOVE - LOVE - LOVE the results... and I can see many more kiddie mitts in my future.

(Especially seeing how quick they are to make)

1 comment:

Twigwoman said...

My Granddaughter loved the pair I created for her using a pattern I made..... not so lacy as she is less girlie in her tastes!!!!