Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bright ripples


I warned you that they were bright, didn't I?


I've decided that my bedroom needs uplifting... and this ought to do the trick, don't you think???

Plus, of course I will be adding MORE colours into the mix...


Click here to go and visit Lucy over at Attic 24 to see the tutorial I am using for my blanket. The only thng that I am doing differently, is that when I change colour... I work that first row into the back loops only... which gives that gorgeous overlapping effect.

While you're over at Attic 24, you should stop and browse for a little... and enjoy the magnificent colour inspiration!


Jacqui Delaney said...

I love the bright colours over at Attic 24 and often just stop by and just daydream!
Your colours are gorgeous - not your usual colour pallet, but I like!

Sam said...

I love Attic 24 - I want a house full of crochet like that, but it will take me more than one lifetime!!

Love the look of your blanket so far, especially the yummy, delicious colours :-)

sue said...

I love the overlapping effect of your blanket and it looks beautiful in all the bright colors. Lucy's blog is full of inspiration too with all the colors!

misha said...

Attic 24 is a fantastic site, I'm a regular visitor and I'm really happy that my two favourite blogs get connected in this way :) How long do you think it'll take you to finish the blanket?

Wendy said...

Love attic24, Lucy does such a beautiful job with colours.
Me normally into the dark colours, have started bringing
more zing into my life, thanks to her : )
And really like your added touch with the ridge

Guanaja Sharon said...

Love the look of this ripple design, especially the overlapping method. I wish I would have thought of that many years ago! I have suggested to a beautiful friend of mine that she crochet a blanket in honor of her sisters and Mother who have passed on (one sister quite recently). They each had a favorite color and I thought she might like to incorporate those colors into the afghan as a remembrance. I told her to use bright colors to celebrate their lives and hers. She is normally a earth-tone girl and this should really brighten up her home! Thanks for the technique.

I may even buy lots of bright colors and make one for my Caribbean home! Even though the weather is hot here, we do have some cool temperatures in the winter (65 degrees F. or 18 C. to 70 degrees F or 21 C.). I know this does not sound cold to many but believe me when one does not have insulation in their home and open windows with a stiff breeze coming through it is Brrrrr!

Thanks for the lovely photos and the lead to Attic 24.

Kyliie said...


Kelli Woodall said...

I just discovered Lucy a few months ago. She definitely has a way with color. She seems to be a pretty cool lady. I'm making the vintage stripe afghan she talked about.

Kelli Woodall said...

I love the afghan you are making, I like the effect of working in the back loops, I would like to try that. Look forward to seeing it finished.

Vaughnde said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You should share this on Ravelry in our We Love Lucy thread under Ripple Afghan. They will LOVE the EYE CANDY! I love your idea of doing the new row in back loops...I'll have to try that on my next one :) I'm currently working on one in bright colors for a baby girl due in Late August.

Melissa said...

Your brightly colored ripple is beautiful. I am working on a Ripple based on Lucy's pattern as well. I like the look from using the back stitches when changing colors. I may try that on my next one. :)