Monday, June 14, 2010

free scarf pattern

I've had some enquiries about the 'With A Little Help From My Friends' scarf pattern...

It's hardly a pattern really... but here's how I made it:

Start by collecting a bunch of scraps. Word your crafty friends up so that they can collect scraps for you too. That's how my scarf came together - my friends saved their scraps from the bin, and passed them on to me.


Now I'm talking about absolute scraps.

Not partial balls, or anything like that.

Just the stuff that would otherwise be thrown out. All those little lengths. About 4-12 inches long. The leftover pieces you have after weaving the ends into a finished project. Save them from the bin!

I find that anything much less than about 4 inches is just too short to join... but I keep those pieces too... because I WILL find a use for them one day.

I save my ends in an old biscuit tin:


Then when I'm feeling industrious (or just want something to keep my hands busy with while watching a movie) I start joining them together. There's a few closeup shots to show you what my joins look like. Just did a quick google, and discovered that it is called a one-sided overhand bend which makes it sound way more complicated than it actually is!




Pieces are joined and it's time to start knitting. You won't need any fancy stitch patterns - the yarn is busy enough just as is.

Use a pair of 4.5mm needles. Or 4mm or 5mm. Or whatever you please - this is your scarf!
Cast on 15 stitches.
K every row until scarf measures 2 metres long.
Cast off.

That's it! Easy, huh?



Kyliie said...

Considering I dont have any yarnie friends I will have to save all the scraps myself! Haha I just may give this a go!

Victoria said...

Oooooh! Thanks so much for the little tutorial! I came right to it when I got your pm on Ravelry! So cute...I don't often throw out my ends...usually incoporate them when I can, into my spinning, so I have a bunch to grab right now and get knotted and knitting :-)
Beautiful, love it...
Vicki (Nonaofsav on Rav)

Richard said...

What an amazing idea! I always think what a waste it is when all my scraps end up in the bin. Gonna get myself an old biscuit tin and start collecting!

Jalah said...

You introduced me to scrappy yarns a couple years ago I think I was saving all those bits of yarn for what I did not know and eventually made a scarf that looks similar to this in dc. It is everyones fave! My family is constantly stealing it! So thanks for that! BTW Your eyes are Gorgeous!

Jen said...

What a great idea... think I'm gonna crochet me a scrap scarf with all my scrap yarn. Knew I was savin it for something :)