Monday, December 5, 2011

Rustic Wreath - Photo Tutorial


So this is another Super-Duper Easy-Peasy Christmas decoration idea...

You need an old wooden curtain ring - I have so many of these things, it's just not funny!

Also grab a length of raffia and some buttons... plus glue and sandpaper


I wanted my wreath to look a little distressed, so I gave the curtain ring a quick sand to rough it up a bit... I really do mean a QUICK sand - I wouldn't have spent any more than 30 seconds doing it!

Afterwards I was thinking that I could have just rubbed it up and down on the footpath a few times... no sandpaper required...


Now you can wrap the raffia around, then tie the two ends together.

I made a bow at the top 'cause I thought it looked pretty... but later I had to change it to a simple knot - the bow was too bulky for the buttons.


Now just glue a couple of buttons at the top, a small one on top of a big one...


Then tie another knot in the raffia to make a hanging loop


Too easy.

And once again... no more than 5 minutes to make it!

Gotta love that.

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Big mamma frog said...

Oooh I like this idea. We have some left over raffia (and no idea what to do with it). Also lots of buttons.

Alas no curtain rings. I wonder what I have in our pile of junk that I could use instead. Maybe I can twist some thin Jasmine branches from the garden..?