Friday, December 2, 2011

Scrappy Heart Decoration - Photo Tutorial


Now I'm sure that you don't really need a tutorial for making these Scrappy Hearts, but since I took progress photos I might as well share them with you:

And yes, I'm aware that it looks like it was made by a three-year-old... but I'm okay with that! They're cheap and simple to make, fun to do and I love the results. Plus the materials are 100% recycled.

I'm even planning to make more and string them together as a garland...

Wish we had a mantlepiece...

Anyway, I started out with cardboard:


And cut out a heart shape:


Then punched the hole for hanging - I put it a fair way down so that it wouldn't tear easily


Now for some of those yarn scraps I've been saving. These are the ones that are TOO SMALL to do anything else with. Anything longer than 5 cm (2 inches) I have been able to use in other projects, but these shorties have been waiting for their Day in the Sun.


So. Loads of glue on the cardboard:


Pile those scraps on top


Then put the kettle on...

Yes, I mean literally PUT the kettle ON the decoration:


Of course it wouldn't HAVE to be the kettle, but I wanted something heavy to press the yarn securely onto the glue... and also prevent the cardboard from bending while the glue was moist.

Oh, and I popped the rest of the cardboard between the decoration and the kettle... just in case the glue soaked through and stuck.

Here's how it looked once the glue dried:


And from behind... (yes, it's a gratuitous bottom shot)


Time for a trim around the edges like so:


Awwww... doesn't it look pretty?


And a little raffia threaded through the hole for hanging


Then onto the Christmas Tree... (or any random plant in the front yard where the lighting is goodish for a photo)


I can really see a row of these, with holes punched in the side rather than on top...

strung together with raffia...

dancing across a rustic mantle piece...

bringing a quirky sense of fun to the festive season...


Little Owls said...

This looks great! I'd always hated throwing away trimmed ends of yarn, and now I can save them all and use them!

Love your blog, too ...

808Jen said...

Very cute and looks fun.

mandaknitty said...

This is so adorable and would make a great gift for Grammy from the little one. I think I will start working on the string of them for next year! Thanks. I am new to your blog and am really enjoying it.