Friday, March 14, 2008

clf competition

I decided to submit a design for the crochet liberation front competition over at ravelry...

the designed item had to be related to the crochet liberation front and have the logo somehow included in the design


and this is what I came up with...

clf caddy - close up

clf caddy - flowers clf caddy - hooks clf caddy - coins clf caddy - pens

introducing… the CLF caddy!

this functional fuzz ball has a multitude of uses, and you’ve gotta love those loops

the body is worked in two strands of red yarn and is representative of the ball of wool in the background of the CLF logo

the hook insignia is first crocheted in wool, and then felted for a fabulous effect

the caddy stands firmly on its own, or you can place a jar or tin inside… to increase the number of possible uses!

1 comment:

Pheelya said...

How cute!!

Thanks for the hugs, I could certianly use them right now :) I just so love how caring out community can be even to strangers :)