Thursday, March 20, 2008

which came first? the chicken or the egg?

easter egg (progress)

in this instance... it was the egg!

easter chick

this little guy was created for the march 'oddball of the month' competition over at ravelry

the theme was EASTER... although I hadn't originally planned to go quite this cutesy with it!

my original idea was a bit more off-beat... I won't share all of the details with you, because I might keep it up my sleeve for another occasion, but I will give you two words... RABBIT STEW

as you can see, I ended up way off track!

this little guy was crafted from some of the assorted embroidery threads I was talking about a couple of days ago... along with some scraps from felted jumpers

easter chick (side view)


Lucky-1 said...

I saw this little guy over on Rav and wondered if you knitted it. I think he's just so cool:D

Anonymous said...

saw this chick on Ravelry also. Even more adorable here, look at those sweet wings!