Wednesday, March 12, 2008

pairs, schmairs!

fetching - kerry (on hand)

what is it about knitting pairs that is so damn difficult?

I always manage to breeze through the first item... but really have to force myself through the second one

I think it has something to do with the lack of surprise... you already know how it is going to look and feel, so the excitement is gone

finally forced myself to finish the second fetching to complete this pair of fingerless mitts

fetching - kerry (on ground)

made a few amendments to the original pattern...

worked five cable repeats at the wrist (instead of three)

worked two cable repeats at the fingers (instead of one)

used regular cast off (instead of picot edging)

finished all edges off with a round of single crochet

1 comment:

Pheelya said...

ooooooooo!! I saw these on Ravelry and they gave me the idea to make my 2nd pair a little longer for myself!! I love the charcoal grey!