Sunday, July 13, 2008

design inspiration challenge

Design Inspiration Challenge is yet another group I have stumbled across at Ravelry. Since I'm still very new to the whole idea of design, I thought it would be a worthwhile group to sit back and observe... then jump into once I developed some confidence.

I think I might not have been the only one waiting to see how things worked before they got involved. There were too many onlookers and not enough action!

So Knita, the very clever moderator/cheerleader of the group has decided to ease us into the world of designing with a step-by-step design challenge. She made it sound easy, so I thought I'd give it a go. There are four basic steps. I've deviated a little, as I tend to do... but it gave me somewhere to start.

Step 1. choose 3 shades of your favourite colour

Well, since I'm working exclusively with reclaimed yarns, colour choice is dependent on what I have on hand on any given day. So I had a fossick through my stash and chose three yarns... not quite the same colour, but all in the blue/green family

step by step yarn

Step 2. choose a contrast colour

I knew I wanted a burgundy colour, but also a beige to balance it out... so I chose two.

step by step contrast yarn

Step 3. make a colour graph of your favourite object

It's not colour. It's not a graph. Maybe I'm not very good at following simple instructions! But I scribbled out a rough sketch based on hearts.

step by step design challenge (sketch)

Step 4. knit or crochet your design

This is the stage I am at at the moment. The idea is to knit a swatch at least 40st x 40st. I have cast on 50, and will just work until it is square. Then I will use the 'swatch' to create a cushion or a bag, or whatever takes my fancy...

step by step progress 1

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Carat said...

This made me wish my stash weren't 150 miles away :)