Tuesday, July 1, 2008

july challenge

I've been inspired by the fact that I managed to finish so many outstanding projects last month. I challenged myself to complete ten items, and I did! So I've decided that each month I need to issue myself with a personal challenge. It won't always be about 'finishing' things. In fact, this month I need to deal with something I fondly refer to as the 'frog pond'.

overflowing basket - frog pond

This basket (laundry hamper, actually) lives in my family room. As you can see... it is piled high with jumpers and other knitted garments. They are all waiting to be recycled. Which is why I call it the 'frog pond'. Frogging is a term used by knitters to describe the unravelling process. Because you RIP IT... sounds like RIBBIT... a little bit like the sound you would expect to hear from a frog. I know, it's a stretch... but I didn't make up the term... okay!

Obviously there is oodles of work to be done. I won't get them all reclaimed this month. But I can make a dent in the pile. In fact... my goal is that the basket no longer overflows. In fact, I'd like to be able to put the lid on it! That's not too much to ask, is it???

jumpers on table - from frog pond

So here is the overview... and I hate to admit it, but I found another three jumpers and a giant poncho AFTER I took the photo, which also need to be included in the task. Look at all that yarn... just waiting to be reclaimed, and start a new life. It's exciting! There are probably a few garments in there which I will felt, but most will be frogged.

Time to cheer me on guys!


Red Rocket said...

You...can...do...it! It's not the frogging that takes so much stinkin' time. It's the un-seaming that can break your will to recycle. No doubt you can do it though. Raa Raa Ree...!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you re-create!

Jossan said...

Ooh, how fun! I like the ripping part! But I can understand that it might not be as fun with all those jumpers, and then make balls of all yarn!

Anyway, you have inspired me, last month, so this month I will finish some projects too...
Will write a blogpost about it tomorrow, and I will mention you, that inspired me. :)

kenda said...

I just found your blog today and love it! I to have found a new love in recycling all sorts of things to knit with. Just what to share my latest idea: knitting VCR tape and cassette tape.

whatsonox said...

I've just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Whilst I think the challenge you've set yourself is a tough one I'm looking forward to seeing what you can create.

Would felting some of the stuff mean less work than frogging it?

I once saw a yurt (nomad's tent) that had been made out of old felted jumpers. The person who made it explained it should really have been made out of fleeces but jumpers were easier to come by in the middle of a city. It would take a lot of jumpers to make a tent and thus get rid of your overflow more quickly.

Good Luck with the challenge.