Tuesday, July 15, 2008

head first?

Not this time!

Almost every time I start work on a new creature, I begin with the head and face. For me it is such a focal point... so much character is expressed in the face, that I always want to start there... and worry about the remainder of the body later. The face brings the creature to life, and gives me direction for the body.

What invariably happens though is that I get so absorbed in creating the head and face... that I lose track of how large it is becoming. Then I end up having to make a much larger body than planned, in order to keep everything in proportion. So the overall creature ends up being twice the size I had anticipated.

In order to prevent myself from falling into the same trap again, I thought I'd try a slightly different tact and begin with the body. Working from my salad bar sketch... we now have a torso...

progress 1

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Nathalie Brault said...

If my husband were to see that he'de say haaa I always said a woman had no brains as a joke. But seriously speaking... it looks good when's the head du?