Wednesday, March 4, 2009

event plaid

Well... I took my sweet time in getting back to you, didn't I??? But I'm ready to tell you all about that neapolitan icecream project. Click here to refresh your memory, if you have no idea what I'm talking about...

So... All up-to-date now?

Okay. I've been working on an event plaid blanket. It's a really fun concept, where use use the NUMBERS from a SPECIAL EVENT to determine the colour repeats within your project.

Confused yet?

Well. I made this blanket as a gift for my mother-in-law... for her seventieth birthday. So I used the numbers in her date of birth... 1/3/39... there's my numbers... easy... 1 3 3 9

006 folded

So, what that means is that I choose four colours, and work in stripes

I worked one row of my first colour, cream
I worked three rows of my second colour, brown
I worked three rows of my third colour, pink
and then nine rows of my fourth colour, burgundy

1... 3... 3... 9... see?

and here is a photo:

002b progress

By this stage I was getting pretty fed up with the project. The crochet was complete, and yet it wasn't looking anything like I had hoped it would. I guess the thing is, that you are creating a plaid effect... so at this stage you have only created the 'bones' of the piece.

Basically, you crochet the horizontal stripes, and then weave in the vertical stripes... creating the plaid effect. For the weaving, I used three strands held together. Following the same stripe sequence as before... 1... 3... 3... 9... easy!

Then it's just a matter of tying off the ends. I added a little bit extra to bulk the tassel up a bit.

So... if you are interested... click here for the link to the original pattern I used.

My verdict?

So glad I stuck with this project! The crochet section is mindless... a good simple project for while you watch a movie, or gossip with your craft buddies. The weaving section is slow and fiddly... and you HAVE to get it right. The finished effect is stunning... but the progress looks crappy all the way along. Honestly. It's not until you tie that last knot, and sit back and look at it... that it feels worthwhile.

004 close up

003 fence

005 overview


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I am well and truely impressed! I want to give it a try! I am fairly new to your blog site and crochet and I am still reading your earlier posts and nearly everything you have done, I have thought - yeah - thats a good idea, so - thank you for your inspiration, long may it last :)

Sam said...

I really like how it turns out. It just looks fabulous :-) I hope your mother-in-law liked it too.

I'm going to have to have a go at this, asap!

Thanks for posting the update :-)

Christy T said...


campbellgirl said...

Uh-oh! Something else to add to my List! It's a lovely blanket; how long did it take to do? Cheers, D.

Kimberly Pye said...

That is SOOOOO pretty!

cam90066 said...

I've made something similar quite a few times over the years (a couple are posted in my Rav projects...'caminlaca'). I'd not heard of the 'event' version but can see where that would provide an interesting take on designing the sequence.

I agree with your assessment that the pay-off is the final result. Sometimes difficult to get a feel for that final effect while in the process. I adore working up fabrics in checks and plaids so this is a fave for me.

Anonymous said...

its fantastic
what a great concept

but ... whatevery happened to the bag you felted????

psmflowerlady said...

OMG - I love the way it ends up looking. As it progressed, I must say, I did doubt your inspiration based on the early pictures - but the finished product - oh-la-la!

Katherine said...

Wow! I looooove it, and I have favourited it on Ravelry :)

Nine Cousins said...

I LOVE this idea! I think these would make great long term projects for my two boys. Thanks for sharing and for inspiring me to try this.

laughing purple goldfish said...

hawthorn - you're welcome! so pleased that you are enjoying the blog... and thanks so much for taking the time to comment...

sam - she loved it!

martha - thanks :)

campbellgirl - sounds like you have one of those never-ending lists, too! this blanket measures about 4'x 3' and didn't really take that long to do... I started it about six weeks ago... moved through the crochet section quite quickly... then decided I didn't like it, so I abandoned it for a while... then had to put in a marathon effort the night before the birthday to do all the weaving!!!

kimberly - much appreciated :)

cam - I will definitely check out your ravelry project page... I love the EVENT idea... it gives you some guidance on how to work the tartan... and makes it extra special for the recipient, too! I had so many doubts during this project... it was an UGH for quite a while there... but now that I see the finished result, I want to make another one... and another... and another!!!

sally - that poor bag is crying in the corner of my craft room... feeling totally neglected at this point in time! still haven't found the right handles for her yet... hope I find some soon, because I am desperate to start using her... and showing her off to the world!!!

psmflowerlady - believe me... you were not the only one doubting my inspiration... I thought I must have lost the plot entirely!!!

kathy - thanks :) and a big yay for ravelry!!!

jen - ooohhh.... I should make some for my boys, too! actually... it makes quite a good BLOKEY significant event gift... must remember that

Cassie said...

I LOVE the neopolitan event plaid quilt! My step mom needlepoints event plaids which are beautiful, too, but I never thought it could be done with crochet. Your creations truly inspire me to think outside the "crochet box" :)

Meg said...

I'm in love with it to be truly honest. I think my nephew's baby blanket that's almost done will turn into this! It's AMAZING!

whatsonox said...

Well I can see why you haven't had the time to blog recently. What a beautiful blanket. And what a wonderful idea to make something so useful and beautiful out of an important date.

Linda said...

The project turned out gorgeous.
I know what you mean about mindless crochet. I just finished a stash busting afghan out of all my odds and ends of baby yarn.

Sundays Child said...

This one is a FIRST for me, I haven't seen anything like it, it's beautiful!

Thanks for sharing this with us, whoo hoo .. another project to get me through the rest of the winter!

Anabelle said...

its gorgeous!

Valérie-Ann said...

It's beautiful. I love it. And those colors! Perfect. I think I will copy it, can I? ;)

egebs said...

Amazing. I love it. I will have to use this idea in the future. After I finish a few projects.

OldCinderella said...

It is beautiful.

MyCretanlife said...

Wow ain't it lovely. I'm very impressed. So glad you stuck with it.

MarieR said...

Beautiful, well worth the effort! Have been admiring this type of afghan for a while now. It's definitely going on my ever-growing list.

laughing purple goldfish said...

cassie - ooohhh I like the idea of a needlepoint version, too... that would look fabulous

meg - thank you :)

whatsonox - I did suffer a bit of a blogging void... my words just disappeared :(

crafty gardener - I really enjoy having a mindless project to work on... for all those occasions when your hands need something to do... but your brain is already busy!

sunday's child - an excellent winter project... I was mad working on it during our heat wave!!!

anabelle - thank you :)

valerie-ann - I'd love you to copy the colours... go for it!

egebs - add it to the wish list!

old cinderella - thanks

judith - so am I... there were times when I almost gave up though

marie - ah... yes... the ever growing list... I have one of those too! glad you enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I have a friends' wedding coming up and would love to do their wedding date. I saw that you said you made yours about 4'x3' and your numbers were 1,3,3, and 9. Do you think you could tell me approximately how many balls you used for each color? I was hoping I could make a better guess for my numbers before I venture off to the yarn store and buy either way too much or not nearly enough. Thanks!!

laughing purple goldfish said...

jaytucknw - arghhhh.... I didn't keep track, I was just working from my stash... if I had to guess (and this really is guessing, so I could be very wrong) 600g burgundy, 200g pink, 200g brown, 75g cream... and I love the idea of using it as a wedding gift!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this. THANKS!! I think I know now what I'll be making my sister for her law school graduation in May!

Anonymous said...

OH MY~~~ I love it, gonna give it a try,,, Judy from Alaska~~~

laughing purple goldfish said...

aimee and judy - have fun with the pattern, and link me to some photos when you are done :)

kedicibasi said...

it is very nice and sweet.

Anonymous said...

I finally finished mine and just got it blogged! My mom and both my boys have requested them now, but I've told them it will take a while. This is a booooring project. (But SO worth it in the end, don't you think?)

Thanks again for the inspiration!

Kimy said...

Of the Event Plaids I've viewed on Ravelry, this one is the most striking to me for some reason. Odd in a way, I love red but I'm not big on pink. Nonetheless, this one came out fabulous!

I've been working on a tartan plaid accent throw for a friend. I'm enjoying the colors but hating the monotony. I will finish it, though, because I do want to do an Event Plaid for myself. I fear I may be a bit ambitious, though, as I'll be using the whole date - eight stripes in the pattern to be repeated however many times.

Thank you for sharing your mother-in-law project.

uzmanamator said...

Thats sooo lovely

Maridee said...

I have been a bit of lurker on your site for a while and from links I found on another blog (Never Knew) I found your event plaid! I just love and am dying to try it myself for a friend' upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, I can't seem to locate the link to the pattern. I think the pattern on DIY is no longer active. Would you have any hints you might be willing to share? Please DM me at mdmpls@yahoo com if you could! THANKS SO MUCH. Yours is just beautiful!

leggmead said...

I first saw this project on the DIY channel and they made a pillow. What I do NOT remember is how they finished off the pillow. How to connect the front and the back?? What would you recommend? Somehow it would seem a bit odd to have fringe just on two ends. Any insight as to how to finish off an decorative, event plaid pillow is appreciated!

Junicorn ~ J’unique J’unque said...

The link to DYI doesn't seem to be available. Can someone please give me a basic idea of the foundation pattern? Is it just basically grid stitching? Thanks!

laughing purple goldfish said...

Maridee and June... try this link for the pattern,2025,DIY_13768_5526636,00.html

Leggmead... sorry not to have seen your comment any earlier - I haven't attempted a cushion, but I would probably seam it so the the ends were on the inside and therefore not visible