Friday, March 5, 2010

the obsolete video cassette...

another life bag 1

What would you make from a video cassette, or part thereof?

You may have seen the lastest issue of Inside Crochet magazine, which features a bag I designed using magenetic tape from a VHS. Well, it's time now for YOU to show ME what you can do with an old video cassette.

It doesn't have to be the tape itself that you choose to recycle - you might like to use the case instead. Click here and you can join in, or just lurk and see what the others are up to!




Debbie said...

Another great idea, Sharon! That bag is cute. must try it. We just threw away a huge box of old cassettes. :( But, there's plenty more!

Sharon Maher said...

thanks debbie... I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone will create!

Butch said...

It's not me the constructor, but someone built à bag with VHS.
here :