Monday, March 8, 2010

out of hibernation

cushion - just needs zip

Remember that cushion I started working on a while back?

I loved the way it was knitting up, but man - it took forever to get through! I thought I was never going to get it finished...

Then I was so fed up with it, once I finally had it off the needles... I packed it away and started something new.

Well - now is the time. This week I will be finishing the cushion, and putting it to use on the couch. There's not an awful lot to do. Just add a zipper and finish the bottom seam. More than likely I will be trimming the tassels a little, but I'll decide that for sure as the week goes on.

Best thing of all?

This one isn't going to require much thinking - unlike that exasperating bag from last week which drove me insane.

Check back on friday for the finished results.

1 comment:

misha said...

I loved this cushion the moment I saw it! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished :)