Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it's a bit like a bra

Little Miss Three is so pleased with her new shrug... "it's a bit like a bra" she exclaimed excitedly

The pattern was designed by Rebecca Webster who is a fellow Woolaholic. It is her first design, and she has done a gorgeous job. Congratulations Bec!

ggshrug (flash2)

Would you be surprised to hear that I didn't strictly follow the pattern? Of course not... you know me better than that by now!

My yarn choice was of course recycled wool. The pattern called for aran weight merino. I used one strand of DK wool in a dark pink, and knit it together with assortments from my scrap yarn basket. None of it was as fancy as merino, but it was all 100% wool.

I worked the main part of the shrug according to the pattern, omitting the picot edging and the ties. I then crocheted a picot edging all the way around the shrug, and also the sleeves... and crocheted the tie.

To be honest, the fit isn't fabulous on my daughter. I plan to make another one and next time I will work with about 10 stitches less across the back. As is, it seems to be loose in the body, but snug in the sleeves. If you look photograph of the garment on it's own, you can see that there should be a reasonable space between the left and right fronts. Does that make sense? But when my daughter is wearing the shrug, it pulls in tighter at the ties, which seems to make the neck then go a bit gapey. It might be due to my yarn choice since I wasn't using that recommended. And I'm a naughty knitter who doesn't check her gauge. Which is probably why I don't knit garments very often.

Overall... I love it. Little Miss Three loves it. I will definitely make another one.

And did I mention QUICK? Finished in an afternoon. Perfect project for me, since there is no time to get bored!

ggshrug (suitcase)

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