Thursday, May 22, 2008

a surprise from my husband

It was late. The kids were all settled for the evening, and the chores were out of the way. Time to relax.

Mr Goldfish approached me. His hands were hidden behind his back. He had that sweet puppy-dog look in his eyes. "I've got a surprise for you"

cable peek

Now what wife wouldn't appreciate a gift like this? I was so excited. I may in fact have danced a little jig. A handful of old telephone cables he had discovered while cleaning through the study. Who needs diamonds?

No. He wasn't planning to tie me to the bed with them. Nor proposing that I tie him to the bed....

See that tiny bit of red and green wire poking out from one of the cables? I'll be crocheting with that. Or maybe knitting. Perhaps macrame? Who knows!

I wonder what other colours I will find hiding inside?


Tracy said...

ROFL oh my :) You've given me a good laugh. I don't think there are many women out there who would be so excited by their husbands presenting them with a coil of old wires.

Karen said...

Aha - as a new reader to your blog I recently cottoned on to (that's a Canadian'ism and I may have spelled it wrong - caughtoned, perhaps - lord the spell checker is going crazzzy!) "goldfish" when you referred to a Mr. Goldfish in your household and I soonest understood about "designs". Well - this post has me fully understanding the "laughing" part. Now - I await the why's of "purple".

fiona said...

my lord, i am hyperventialing!i use cables just like that to make my button bracelts.It is so hard those to get those colours in australia.I totally get the present from your hubby.I think I would tie mine up if he came home with that!