Wednesday, May 28, 2008

missing in action

One of my WIPs has gone MIA. Could it possibly be because my craft area has turned into the PFH??? For those of you not 'in the know'... a WIP is a Work In Progress. And what is the PFH... I hear you ponder?

Well the PFH is the Pigsty From Hell.

Yes, I made it up. But I am at a loss for any other words to describe my environment. Unfortunately it's not just confined to one room either. Or even one storey.

There is at least one craft project 'on the go' in every room of my home. Upstairs, downstairs, even in the car. I've lost track of how many WIPs there are at the moment. But whichever room I find myself in, there is a project I can pick up and work on. And if none of those projects inspire me? I just start something new.

I'm vaguely remembering some kind of New Year's Resolution about FINISHING one thing before I start another. Obviously that didn't work out so well for me!

Getting back to my point. I was working on a knitted rag bag. It is a large size tote and I am about one third of the way through it. Gone. Missing. Disappeared. Never to be seen again.

Well, hopefully not NEVER... but where can it possibly be? I feel like I have looked everywhere. Repeatedly. And it's not a small project either. Plus, it's attached to a giant rag ball. It's got to be here somewhere!

Here's a photo of how it looked two weeks ago. If you've seen it, please send it back my way.

no liner bag progress (closeup)


Jossan said...

That sounds strange, but as you problably (spelling?) know, it wont show up til you quit looking for it, and start looking for something else...
Thats how it works for me anyway.. :/
But I hope you find it sooner than later.. :)

Robyn L. Coburn said...

PFH - fantastic acronym - maybe we could start a club. My family is three creative people who live, craft, sew, play, workshop, collect and home school in a one bedroom apartment with an eleven year accumulation. If you put something down at my place it immediately disappears into the background like a cartoon chameleon. And I keep an unfinished piece of needlepoint in the car just so I always have take along with me.
I hope your project shows up. Have you checked under the sofa cushions?

søren said...

oh my gosh. I am SO with you on the PFH! I was thinking about piling up all the UFOs in one place, and then trying to put away some other stuff so I can actually FIND things, but.... that is such a huge project I can't think about it.