Friday, May 2, 2008

smiles from the boy

My eight year old son was so excited last night. I finally presented him with the crochet version of Lux-Roy the Plastalien. You might remember that Master Eight moulded a creature using plasticine, and it was my challenge to bring him to life using crochet

luxroy (closeup face)

Lux-Roy is worked from oddments of stash yarns. His eyes are exquisite purple beads from one of Miss Three's many broken bracelets. Unfortunately the photography doesn't show their true colour. His hands are purple heart shaped beads.

luxroy (rocks)

Because of the long thin nature of the antennae and the arms... and knowing my children as well as I do... I know that Lux-Roy will be stretched and spun and 'tug of warred' with. So I have paid extra attention to securing the limbs. We'll see how long he can withstand the 'love' my children will impart on him, before he requires surgery!

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