Friday, May 16, 2008

remember desmond?

It feels like a lifetime ago that I started work on designing a crochet toy lion. Desmond the Lion. King of the Jungle. I created an adorable head with a magnificent mane, and then ran out of creative genius! I have started work on his body so many times. But I am never happy with the result.

Desmond has the patience of a saint. He sits perched on top of my sewing box, gazing down at me working on other projects at my craft desk. It must drive him insane, but he says nothing. Just waits quietly. He knows his time will come.

And indeed it has. The pressure of time is upon me. My nephew is turning two, and Desmond is a gift for him. So I have two days in which to adorn my lion with a body and perhaps legs and a tail. Wish me luck, and keep watching this blog for my progress.

lion head on sewing box and more

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