Monday, April 27, 2009

couldn't you have made that yourself?

During my time away, I visited a local market. It was a bit of a cross between a car boot sale and a craft market... so I was in HEAVEN!!! Basically it was like a craft gallery and an op shop all rolled into one fabulous set-up.

I could have spent all day there... but it wasn't to be...

(maybe I shouldn't have taken the children with me???)

So many interesting stalls, with a huge range of merchandise on sale... but there was one stall which completely captivated me.

The stall holder was weaving. She had set herself up using the end of a display rack as a makeshift upright loom... and her other tools included an old wooden ruler, and a couple of broken bamboo garden stakes with some tape wrapped around them. I so wish that I had taken my camera with me. The 'recycled' set-up was fabulous in itself... but then watching her work was just... WOW!

I couldn't take my eyes off her hands, as they darted in and out rhythmically... row by row... creating a magnificent piece. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask her, but I didn't want to break the rhythm of her work... amazing!

Honestly don't know how long I stood there... watching... watching... watching...

But I do remember being disappointed when a customer required her assistance with a purchase, and my trance was broken...

(adding HAND WEAVING to my list of skills to learn ONE DAY...)

Since the trace was broken, I decided it was time to take a good look at the other items for sale.

I found myself drawn to the fabric journal covers. Usually that wouldn't have been of any interest to me... but there were such an array of colours and textures, that I had to pick one up and take a look. Staring at the blank pages inside... I could just visualise myself using it to scribble down thoughts and ideas, designs and plans... and all of a sudden I WANTED one! It inspired me.... How could I live without one?


Purples are always a bit tricky to photograph, which is a shame... because I can't quite capture the richness that is the essence of this journal... but I will do my best:


I was so excited with my new purchase, and I couldn't wait to share it with Mr Goldfish... even though I knew he wouldn't be quite as enthusiastic about it as I was.

His response?

He let me gush about the colour and the texture and the inspiration... and then said:




Amy S. said...

Hehe, his response gave me a good chuckle. My Dad says that to my Mum quite alot. And I think my boyfriend is starting to develop similar ideas, since he's seen my crafty side.

Anonymous said...

See the confidence others have in you and your crafting abilities. I'm sure that's all Mr Goldfish meant ;-)
Looks lovely, I think I'd spend more time fondling the journal rather than writing/sketching in it, if it were mine lol.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

That is a lovely journal cover, and yes you could of made it yourself, but it gave you such joy to purchase it and hold it and feel it. Enjoy filling the pages with your thoughts.

Marshall said...

sure you could have made it yourself, but this way you are supporting another artist! what's wrong with that?

yarnivorous said...

My husband says that to me as I stand, admiring some crafty piece. "You could make that!" My usual response is "Tell him he's dreamin'." (Along with "What do you call this?" "Chicken!" whether it is or isn't.)
We could make all sorts of things but it is nice to have the odd thing that someone else made.

laughing purple goldfish said...

thanks everyone... and lynne... I'm going to have to go and rent a copy of THE CASTLE now... haven't seen it in years! I had forgotten about the 'you could make that' lines