Tuesday, April 28, 2009

frugality is the new black

I spent most of the day on Sunday with the girls from Crochet Lovers Victoria. We met late morning... then crocheted and chatted the day away!

It's always fun to spend time with other crafters, I love seeing what everyone else is working on... and there is so much that we can always learn from one another.

On this recent meet, I managed to work up quite a bit of crochet... in between all the chatting!

I've made a fabulous start on both of these rag bags...



One passer-by came over for a chat when she saw me working with rags. She started reminiscing about how her mother used to cut their old clothing into fine strips, and then crochet them into slippers for all the family.

Slippers.... adding them to my to-do list!

Sometimes we forget that 'recycled' crafting is not a new concept. In the past, it was common for people to recycle their old woollen garments into something new. In fact, in most cases it was a necessity to do so.

The current issue of VOGUEknitting (spring/summer 09) has a feature article on recycling... titled FRUGALITY IS THE NEW BLACK. If you get the chance to read it... you will see a couple of quotes from Sharon Maher... that's me!...very excited about that!!!

Congratulations to Cathy Mitchell from LA, who also rates a mention in the article. Cathy comments regularly here as 'cam90066'... and is just as excited as I am to have been interviewed for the piece.

I must say, that when I first received the email from Leigh Witchel - asking if he could interview me for VOGUEknitting, I almost fell off my chair...

Then I started making a mental list of which of my friends would have a wicked enough sense of humour to send me a gag email like that, and set me up! I should have been more trusting...



whatsonox said...

You're in VOGUE - how cool is that? (As my children would say - but I can't think of any grown up language that captures just how impressed I am).

And it is so true what you say about little of this "recycling" being new. I can remember a neighbour unravelling hand knitted jumpers so that she could reknit them. My mother can remember rag rugs being made at home using half a peg to push the strips through a piece of old sack. These rugs would take pride of place when they were new but as they got older and tattier they were moved into the kitchen, then by the door, then used in the pet's bed.

Congratulations to both you and "cam90066". I haven't seen "Vogue Knitting" here in France but I'm going to look out for it - just to see how far your fame has spread!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your mention in Vogue. I hope they referenced your site- i bet your 'hits' will take a big jump.
I hope you try to replicate the weaving method you mentioned in your email- You've got me very intrigued.
Linda G.

cam90066 said...

Sharon, thanks for the mention! Your being included is certainly well-deserved.

I, too, was dubious when I received Leigh's PM re: the VK article. (A while back someone PM'd me asking if they could use the image of one of my projects on some web page and when I replied asking for more details I never heard back. Sometimes you have wonder...)

My elderly father asked if I'd send him a photocopy of the article.

Adore your rag rug!! Reminds me of ones we had growing up. I have a variety of fabrics in my stash but doubt I could achieve the rich and varied colors yours has.

Marshall said...

I actually saw your name in there and got so excited! "I've read her BLOG!"


heklica said...

Wow! Congratulations! I'm so glad for you and proud that I actually "know" someone who's been in VK!

Sam said...

Congratulations! I shall have to look out for it.

My grandmother used to unravel jumpers to knit them up into other things. It seems there's been a generation when it was easier to buy new rather than remake/redo. Now we're back to the old ways.

laughing purple goldfish said...

thanks for the encouragement everyone :)