Tuesday, April 7, 2009

gypsy skirt finished

I think I'm all done with this one now...

I'll wear it for a while, and if I feel inspired to add more detail to it - I'll let you know!

A scallop edging has been added to the original sc... by working (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) into one stitch, then sc into the next stitch... and repeating the pattern all the way around.

scallop added to hem

Then I worked a round of sc around the next layer up, like so:

sc detail on next layer up

So the bottom of the skirt now looks like this:


I've had quite a bit of fun working on this, and I'm tempted to keep going and add more scallops to each layer. The only thing is, that I don't want to end up with something really tizzy... because then I wouldn't wear it!

So I'll sit tight for the moment... wear it a little... then see how I feel about it all in a month or so.

Just a note - I HAVE NOT blocked this trim... and I won't bother either.

It would neaten up the scallops, but it's just not that formal a skirt!


LisaB said...

Skirt looks fabulous! I think it doesn't need another thing, because you can accesorize with belts, scarves, etc. Really inspiring.

Lauria said...

*LOVE* Times 10084987. This is super pretty. I'd love to see a full shot in action. I think that the crocheted edging really adds something to the skirt. I'm going to pass this link along to my friend, Dragan because I know that she'll love it, too. :)

Islagringo said...

The beauty is in its' simplicity. Don't add anything more or you will start looking like a hippie instead of a gypsy!

laughing purple goldfish said...

lisaB - thanks... I think I know it is time to stop... but it was fun, so part of me wants to keep going!

lauria - thankyou so much

islagringo - when I was first learning the art of scrapbooking, I was taught to plan my layout... and then TAKE SOMETHING AWAY from the page! I think I get a bit carried away sometimes, and just want to add more and more and more :)

Jennifer said...

It's so pretty and summery! Although...I guess you're just about done with summer now. :)

Everyday Housewife said...

You certainly add a nice touch to the skirt. Looks classy!

Grace said...

I love it! What a good idea! I think it looks beautiful the way it is... I wish I had more time to do crocheting, but I'll keep this idea in my head for later on down the road when I have more time! Thank you for your blog-- I enjoy peaking in every now and then to see all the neat ideas you have!

MissKarenAshley said...

Very cute. That looks adorable.

Sam said...

It looks fabulous! And such a simple change.

Did you have to poke holes in the fabric first?

laughing purple goldfish said...

jennifer - yep! summer here is pretty much gone... but there's always next year (or even wear it in winter with leggins underneath)

everyday housewife - what a beautiful thing to say... thank you

grace - thanks! it really worked well with this skirt

misskarenashley - thank you

sam - no, I didn't need to pre-poke the holes... I was using a fine steel hook, and I just pushed my way in with each stitch