Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my tea cosy

I finished my capelet before I went on holidays... and have been getting quite a bit of wear from it. I'm loving how warm and snuggly it is... without being suffocating!

I took it away camping with me, and my friends affectionately dubbed it 'the tea cosy'. The name has stuck, and now that's how I refer to it too.

The background is a bit busy in the photo, but it give you an idea of how it turned out:


pattern used:
hook used:
  • 9.0mm hook... just like the pattern asks for!

yarn used:
  • assorted reclaimed yarns in neutral earthy colours
  • the pattern calls for a 12ply/bulky yarn... but I have used 2 strands of 8ply/DK worked together
  • I changed colours randomly throughout
  • by only changing one colour/strand at a time, the harsh stripey effect is lessened, and the colours blend more smoothly as they change
  • I made a few modifications to the pattern
  • instead of the trim in the pattern, I made my capelet a bit longer... and then added a contrasting round of sc around the bottom edge... working inside out, so the the 'wrong side' of the sc trim would be showing
  • the neck felt a bit too open... so I pisked up the stitches around the top and worked a few rounds in the same stitch as the body of the capelet
  • I then folded over the neck, forming a collar... and added a trim to match the bottom
  • although the finished garment is probably a bit larger than a true capelet... it's perfect for my needs... I love wearing it!

bottom trim


Anonymous said...

Looks cosy and warm. Congrats on getting in Vouge as well. Well deserved!

heklica said...

The colours are phenomenal! I'd love to see it on a person, just to get the idea of size, length, neck opening.

Sam said...

I'd like to see it on you too :-)

I love the way the colours change. Very nice!

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I agree with misha - looks wonderful but would love to see it in action... can't visualise it. Well done on the VK article.

heklica said...

And yes, in that photo I think we'd all love to see how your hair is growing :) (I have short hair so I'm always on the lookout for a new style :)))