Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Scrumble


This Scrumble is VERY different from the one I shared with you yesterday... isn't it???


The brief this time?

“I have no colors palette and just wait for some fresh and happy scrumbles with no particular theme. I love abstract and flowers."


So I selected some really bright and cheery colours...


And went about creating an abstract style of flower.



Tonya said...

Love the colors. Cute!

Helen said...

love this - but what is a scrumble?

laughing purple goldfish said...

Tonya - thanks, it was fun to go all out and work with some BRIGHT brights!

mini_mum - thank you! a scrumble is a piece of freeform crochet (or knitting) which is usually later joined with other pieces to make the final project... a bit like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, or a single patch in a crazy patchwork blanket