Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Snail for My Mum.


I'm still plodding along with my 2012 IntNatCroMo freeform piece... But I wanted to share with you one of the components which I made earlier on in the challenge.

The Day 8 Instruction, was as follows:

Chose a stitch, motif or edging that symbolises each of these things to you (3 in total)
  1. The bread of your life the things that may seem hum-drum, but are so important to your world
  2. The roses of life, the things that enrich it and feed your soul
  3. The woman in your life who you have most looked up to.

The woman in my life who I have most looked up to was My Mum…Those of you have been reading my blog for a while now might remember that I lost my Mum to leukaemia about three and a half years ago (aged 58). Yep - it's been that long already!


So what could I crochet to best represent My Mum???

I know - A SNAIL...

Yes. You heard correctly. A snail. A common, everyday, garden variety of snail.

And why would that be?

Way back when I was at Uni, Mum also attended as a Mature Age Student. Anyway, I remember that she was running an experiment which involved keeping and observing snails. I have no recollection of WHY… but I clearly remember the process of catching and keeping the little slugs… they were numbered with Liquid Paper on their shells, and she was always documenting their movements.

For years after we would tease her mercilessly about her hobby of watching snails mate!!! And how that made her an inappropriate role model for us...
So I had to make this little guy for my freeform in Memory of Mum…


I'm undecided on the final placement for him just yet...

I kind of like him here, but he BLENDS in a bit too much, and I would really love him to be more of a feature in the piece.



Gwynna said...

Perhaps your snail needs a special leaf of its own to sit on, provide a backdrop? It's very cute and your FF is delightful.

Narelle said...

What a gorgeous story. I shall think of her everytime I see a snail from now on!

Bobbie said...

Beautiful Sharon. You are so creative and I know mum was so proud of you. x

merrilyn said...

love this Sharon and the wonderful memories of your Mum,she was a special lady .xoxoxoo

laughing purple goldfish said...

Gwynna... You are absolutely right - at the moment, the snail blends into the piece, but I want it to stand out... so I need a backdrop of some kind - thanks

Narelle, Bobbie and Merrilyn... thanks... your comments made me cry xx