Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paper Mache Mannequin


For the longest time I have wanted a Head Form so that I can display hats to photograph. I've trawled through so many Op Shops looking for one... with no success.

Well, you DO see them in the Op Shops - but they are always very clearly marked NOT FOR SALE.

After what felt like a Lifetime of Searching, I gave in and bought a new one.


I picked it up at Lincraft - it's polystyrene with a black velvety finish. The one on display looked a bit worse for wear, all scuffy and splotchy, so I chose one in the cellophane packaging...

Sad thing is, that within a few days... my Brand Spanking New one looked just as awful as the display one in the store.

The velvety finish became patchy, and every foreign fibre would stick to the form like glue. I thought I could fix the exposed polystyrene by painting over it with black nail polish - but I think that just made it worse.


Twelve months down the track, and I've become a little greedy. Now I want a head AND torso mannequin, so that I can display scarves as well as hats...

So I've decided to make one myself - as you do!


I'm using some polystyrene packaging for the torso... and adding it to the head which I already have.

It's Super Messy to work with polystyrene... as you can see...


It won't ever be a Realistic Mannequin, but will work well for my needs.



Lisa said...

What a clever idea.

Neen said...

There is a non-profit company called Reverse Garbage that have all kinds of things including Mannequins. Only they are based in Sydney and Brissy. While I am in Sydney, I can't seem to convince my other 1/2 to travel over the bridge to check it out :)

I think your guy (or girl) will turn out great!

Twigwoman said...

..........and you'll name it????????
Looking forward to seeing it all decked out
in the finery you will create and drape it in!!!!

Katy said...

I love this project !!!

I've got the same wishes for a model and the head I have is getting to be worse for wear too.

Great idea and thanks for posting your ideas for the world ! :-)

laughing purple goldfish said...

Lisa... Thank you.

Jonnine... Reverse Garbage - I'm intrigued! Will have to check them out, even though it's a bit of a drive to Sydney :)

Twigwoman.. Of course! She needs a name... For the moment it will be Little Miss Paper Mache... until something more appropriate comes to mind.

Katy... You're welcome. And the paper mache is therapeutic - not just for kids!!!