Monday, April 30, 2012

the Accidental Hat... and Little Miss Paper Mache


My first Accidental Hat was made years ago for my daughter Katie. We called it the Accidental Hat, because it was originally supposed to be a bag - but you can read all about that in the Original Blog Post.

Just looked at the date on that original post - January 2008 - WOW - more than four years ago!!! How many of you were reading my blog way back then???



This one was made in an adult size. I've created a ribbed effect to make it stretchy and extra comfortable. Plus I've worked an extra row before changing each colour, which means that there are NO ENDS to weave in at all.


I'm not going to write a formal pattern, but here's the basics for how to make it.

  • 8ply yarn and a  5.0mm hook
  • chain 46
  • work in sc (US) through BACK LOOPS ONLY
  • work two rows of each colour until length is 53cm (or desired circumference)
  • seam foundation row and last row together
  • tie loose ends together to close the top of the hat across

On a separate note... here's the progress on Little Miss Paper Mache:


I think she's going to be an ongoing project for me, as I fiddle about with some shaping.


Hopes And Dreams Studio said...


Katherine said...

I think I was reading your blog back in 2008!

laughing purple goldfish said...

Hopes and Dreams Studio.. THANK YOU!!!

Katherine... You are a STAYER! Well done xx

Katherine said...

To be completely honest, I did have a one or two year gap somewhere between then and now, but I came back! :D