Monday, June 25, 2012


Sassy Centaur

Meet Sally the Sassy Centauride
(apparently that's the correct term for a female centaur - a centauride)

Do you recognize her?

I showed you a sketch of her here on my blog last week...

She has come together so quickly! 

The pattern has already been written, and is with my team of wonderful testers as we speak. Daphne, Kyliie, Juanita, Vanessa and Harmony are hooking away... 
and I can't wait to see how their creatures turn out.

 It really is the most fun part of the whole pattern publishing process - to see how everyone's projects turn out - and with these little creatures, 
it's like meeting family when you finally get to see them!

Sassy Centaur

I'm totally in love with this girl.

She's a bold and spirited, fiery red head!

I tried to take some outdoor photos, but the wind has been SO WILD around here lately...

Sassy Centaur


Kyliie Kaye said...

Starting on her tomorrow! Cannot wait! Made my day seeing my name in your blog :)

Alyssa said...

She's too cute! I can't get over the rag hair, every since I saw her on the mermaid.

laughing purple goldfish said...

Kyliie... I am so looking forward to seeing your version!

laughing purple goldfish said...

Alyssa... thank you... I 'm obsessed with the rag hair, too... I just want to use it on everything at the moment

(and can I say, it's very handy for a quick dust of the laptop screen)

Wendy said...

She's wonderful Sharon!! And also I love that urban hat, made one for my dd last year, must make myself one sometime (oh thats the old get round to it list lol)