Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Year Old?

Draughty Dog

How is it possible that my Brand New Little Baby is one year old already?

Can you believe that it's true?


Ridiculous. Just Ridiculous.

And yet she is.

Draughty Dog

Which means that I've been working on this dog for a long time too.

I blogged about him back in November last year... and was planning to finish him then - but I guess I got distracted (it happens so easily around here)

But finally he is done - my Scrappy Sausage Dog - just in time for Little Charlotte's Birthday.

Draughty Dog


EvieHooker said...

Love this dog!
happy Birthday to your little one.

Twigwoman said...

OH MY How is it possible that Sweet Miss Charlotte is a year old....Wondering why I haven't more completed items to show for the year that has slipped by.....
Big bountiful birthday wishes sweet girl!!! You've the very kindest and creative Mum...Lucky girl!

Cliodana said...

ooo i'm falling in love with this scrappy dog.... do you plan to share the pattern.... hope so it's so funny and perfect for baby's coming.. and more important! to beautifuly use wool stash!
very pretty

laughing purple goldfish said...

Cliodana.. the pattern is from a book called Knitted Nursery by Nancy Atkinson and Sarah Jane Tavner, here's a link

Anonymous said...

That is insanely cute. I looooove it!

Knitting Needle Sizes said...

It's so cute! Honestly I didn't know it was a dog, until I've read the description. How silly I am. Anyways, it was so awesome! Thanks for sharing this!