Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Origami Challenge

sketches for the origami challenge


A sketch...

I wonder how far past this point I will get???

Not feeling terribly confident on this one - but I'm jumping in with both feet anyway.

So - it is for the Designers Challenge group over on Ravelry. Usually the Challenges run for one month, but this one is a Super Challenge... and runs for June and July.

Now for the details:
Object: top - There has been huge discussions over what exactly constitutes a top - so if you were thinking about joining in the challenge, you should check out the specific details over at Ravelry. As it happens, open fronted 'tops' will not qualify... so the one on the left of my sketch will be a no-go.
Theme: origami - The top needs to be inspired in some way by origami. I love origami roses, so I've chosen to add flowers to embellish the top.
Technique: stripes - I'm thinking garter st stripes at the hips, and maybe at the neckline...
So that's the easy part done.

Here's where the CHALLENGE kicks in...

I've never designed a garment before!!!

Wish me luck.


Katherine said...

I really like the purple sketch!

laughing purple goldfish said...

that one's my daughter's favourite, too... and since the top will be for her - I imagine that will be the one that I make