Monday, June 11, 2012

That's Just Your Mother Being Funny...


So, I've got this thing for ducks at the moment.


Not Clean White Modern Ducks... But Old Vintage Quirky Ducks...


So for Mother's Day this year, Mr Goldfish bought me a set of ducks to hang on the wall in our entry.


You know exactly the kind of ducks I mean. EVERYONE had them back in the early 70s... or maybe it was even the late 60s...

They've been hanging in place for a week or so now - without incident - but the other night, Thunder Lizard (that's what Master Ten likes to be called these days) noticed that one of the ducks was hanging upside down.

He figured that it needed attention, so he called on Mr Goldfish to fix it.

And his response?


"It's probably meant to be like that."

"That's just your Mother being funny... "


Indeed, it was NOT just Mother being funny...
the duck had just overbalanced on the nail which supports it!

But it's nice to know that they think so highly of my sense of humour...


1 comment:

Dawn said...

Weeeeelll, I can understand the comment "just your mother being funny".

Do you want some genuine duck book stands from the 60's? I have a pair if you would like them.