Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fishie the Plastic Bag Keeper

Fishie the Plastic Bag Keeper

The October Challenge has been revealed... and if you want to join in the Crochet-Along this month, you can join us in my Ravelry group here

It's a little unusual, but this month's pattern is a Plastic Bag Keeper shaped like a Fish. You store your bags in through the tail - and take them out through the mouth!


Mr Goldfish tells me that it looks more like an eel than a fish - and I think he might be right. It would probably look More Fishy if you added some fins...

In fact, you could have all sorts of fun with this pattern. Forget the fish idea - you could make it into a tiger, a pig or an echidna. Or anything else you can imagine. You already have the basic bag body - so you could embellish it any way you like.

Or just leave it plain. These colours are gorgeous on their own. Leave off the eyes and let the ripples of colour be the main feature... Choose colours to match your kitchen.

As always, the Challenge runs for a month. You can join in the fun HERE at Ravelry.


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