Monday, October 8, 2012

Yes. I am STILL collecting Tea Bag Strings!

Tea Bag String Collection

Okay. So this is REALLY slow work!

It's been three months now, since I first posted  about my insane plans to collect tea bag strings. I'm not much of a tea drinker - but I have MANY wonderful friends who are - and they have been indulging me by saving their strings (despite the strange looks from their loved ones and co workers).

Even Mr Goldfish has the staff at his workplace saving strings!

Here's my collection to date...

Tea Bag String Collection

 I feel like I have knotted together THOUSANDS of these tea bag strings... and yet the ball never seems to grow any larger - how is that possible?

Tea Bag String Collection


Nicole said...

Amazing! It might look mad, but I think when you make something with it it'll probably look quite good in different shades of beige & tea! And then think what people will say when you tell them what it's made of :p

Twigwoman said...

SO looking froward to seeing what it becomes in your oh so gifted hands!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I have my family collecting coffee bag strings for me, I have scads of envelopes stuffed full. No matter how many I tie together, I don't make any progress either! I feel your pain!

Unknown said...
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