Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rag Basket.

Rag Basket


Way back in July, I blogged about how I was FINALLY going to line a Rag Basket which I had made way back in 2010.

Well - I had good intentions - but it didn't get done then!

And by the time I finally got around to lining it, I decided that I no longer liked the lining fabric I had chosen...


Anyway. I chose something much more simple. It was a bit fiddly to line, because I wanted the handles to be lined too - but I love the way it has come together.

Rag Basket

Rag Basket

I wasn't going to add an embellishment... but it looked too LONELY without one.

So I've compromised, and made a removable embellishment. I've made use of a brooch pin on the back of the flower, so that it can be taken away on a whim...

Rag Basket

So that's another UFO out of the way!

(and now available for sale HERE)

Now what else can I find lurking around here?

Rag Basket


Anonymous said...

I love it, and the embellishment looks awesome! :)

montanamama said...

Awesome as always! Love the flower!