Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One to Unravel...

Jumper - For Recycling

Now that the fine weather is here - it's time to get back to reclaiming some yarn.

Not that you can't do it in the winter months... it's just that I much prefer to do it when the nicer weather is here...

Jumper - For Recycling


Two reasons really.

Number One is that I can work outside. In fact it's the perfect job to take to the park. I can fiddle about with my unraveling while the kids play. The beauty of doing it outdoors is that you don't end up with all the mess in your home. Because it IS messy work. Not just all the little bits of yarn from unseaming... the main problem is all the fibres which fly around the room. Some jumpers are better behaved than others - but some shed like crazy - and it's much nicer to keep that kind of mess outdoors!

The other reason involves the drying time for skeins. Once the yarn is unraveled, I skein it and wash it thoroughly. Then of course it needs to DRY... And it's much nicer to hang it outside on the line in the sunshine, than to have it lingering around indoors for a week or so. Because we all know how bad wet wool smells, don't we?


I have a Craft Group meeting at my place today... and I'm hoping to get most of this jumper frogged. Will share some more photos when I'm done.

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Sharon said...

Hey now, I *like* the smell of wet wool!